Girls' Day

Organization Sponsor: St. Francis Xavier University


Program Description

100 Girls were given the opportunity to experience the following activities: Yoga, Kick boxing, Aerobics, Cheerleading, Nutritional workshop, Styling workshop, ScrapBooking.

Program Approximate Cost: 


Funding Sources: 

STFX, Town and County of Antigonish Recreation Department, Nova Scotia Health Promotion and Protection.

Strategies For Sustainability: 

Perhaps offer different activities for next year as well as keep the more popular activities.

Impact Of Program: 

This was a perfect opportunity to present new activities to this age group. As a result it has sparked alot of interest in these types of activities. Consideration is being given to offer these specific activities to children here at STFX.

Evaluation Tools: 


Key Elements Towards Success: 

Must be organized well. Promotion of the event through advertisements, schools, recreation departments.
Need enthusiastic instructors and team leaders.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

Advertising in away to inspire girls to sign up and try these different activities.Also finding enthusiastic supports to provide personal encouragements to potential participants. Local physical education teachers and recreation directors provided great support.

Length and Stage of Project: 

I have put many man hours into this project but it was well worth it. The girls had a fantastic time and look forward to another year. I have been approached to organize Womens' Day,and a Boys' Day and possibly take this idea to other communities.
Participants came from not only the local area but also Canso, Guysborough, and New Glasgow.

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