Girls Only Snowboarding School Trip

Organization Sponsor: South Shore Regional School Board

Organization Partner: Martock


Program Description

South Shore Regional School Board sponsored Girls Only Healthy Living Week. Many activities were offered such as Belly Dancing, Kickboxing,Yoga, Hip Hop Dance and Snowboarding. This was the first year snowboarding was offered. A day trip was planned where girls were pick up from South Shore schools and taken to Martock. Everything was free except if they wanted to take lessons. They were joined by girls from the Annapolis schools.

Funding Sources: 

South Shore Regional School Board.

Strategies For Sustainability: 

The girls loved being together with the girls from other schools. They commented that they never would have had the courage to snowboard in front of the boys.

Impact Of Program: 

Around 160 girls participated in the event.

Evaluation Tools: 

Feedback from the participants and they number of girls who attended the the day event.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

The event was free for participants unless they wanted to take lessons and it was a sponsored by the school. The girls also said not having the boys on the trip made it more enjoyable.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

It is a greater challenge to get high school girls interested in physical activity.

Length and Stage of Project: 

This was the first time for the snowboarding event but Girls Healthy Living Week is an annual festival.

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