Girls Soar

Organization Sponsor: Active Halifax Communities


Program Description

Girls Soar is an initiative of Active Halifax Communities. This initiative was created in response to a study conducted on the physical activity level of youth in Canada. Some of the findings showed that:

Physical activity decreases as the ages of girls increases, girls drop out of sport at a rate that is six times greater than boys by the age of 14. (CAAWS)
By age 18, more than 50% of women perceive themselves as too fat, despite having normal body weight oIf a girl does not participate in sport by the time she is 10, there is only a 10% chance that she will participate when she is 25. (CAAWS)
The Girls Soar initiative is dedicated to increasing opportunities for girls and young women to be active. We are working to increase the number of female centered opportunities for physical activity primarily through promotion and education in the Halifax Regional Municipality. The basic principle of female centered programs is to provide girls and young women with equal access to active opportunities that meet their needs. The goal of Girls Soar is to “To celebrate, motivate and educate girls". Our objective is to help inactive girls become active both in their schools and at home.

Funding Sources: 

AK/HK Initiative

Strategies For Sustainability: 

Quality leadership
Marketing strategy

Impact Of Program: 

still in evaluation stage

Evaluation Tools: 

being developed

Key Elements Towards Success: 

girls only aspect of program

Challenges To Meet Them: 

opportunities to get the message out - continued marketing

Length and Stage of Project: 

current 2004 but will be continued

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