Organization Sponsor: Green Communities Canada (GCC)


Program Description

GREEN COMMUNITIES CANADA (GCC) is a national association of community organizations that help people go green – in their homes and gardens, on the road, at work, and in the community.

GCC and its member organizations work together to help Canadians:

  • improve the health of our communities
  • conserve resources for future generations
  • reduce pollution

GCC also works to strengthen its member organizations by helping them to:

  • increase their capacity to deliver programs and services
  • share knowledge and best practices
  • benefit from economies of scale

GREEN COMMUNITIES have developed excellent programs that are coordinated through the national organization and delivered together by Green Communities Canada, member organizations, and other delivery partners.

Our unique “joint program” model enables the best of both worlds:

  • community-based delivery, close to where people live, leveraging local partnerships and opportunities
  • national program support, including program development, research and resources, training, and senior partnerships

Follow the links for more on programs hosted by :

  • Canada Walks – promoting walking and walkable communities (a culture of walking),  because it’s healthy, good for the environment, sociable, and good for business. Program overview. Website. See also websites for our WALK Friendly Ontario designation program and Active & Safe Routes to School, a national movement dedicated to children’s mobility, health and happiness.
  • RAIN – promotes ecological approaches to stormwater management, to reduce contaminated run-off, help prevent flooding and erosion, and ensure groundwater recharge. Program overview. Website.
  • Well Aware – promotes private well stewardship to protect drinking water and groundwater supplies. Program overview. Website.
  • GreenIT – promotes effective use of information technology by non-profits to increase collaboration, improve effectiveness, and benefit the environment. Program overview. Website.
  • EcoDriver – how we can all reduce our “ecological tireprint” by driving efficiently, choosing an efficient vehicle, and driving less. Program overview. Website.
  • Home Energy Solutions – knowledgeable advice and assistance to save energy, cut bills, solve home performance problems and benefit the environment. Program overview. Website.
  • Affordable Energy – tackling energy poverty by promoting home energy retrofits and bill reductions for those who can least afford to pay. Program overview. Website.
Program Approximate Cost: 

Combined revenue: $24.7 million

Median Income:      $600,000

Funding Sources: 

The Community Foundation of Ottawa - David & Susan Rose Fund

Car Heaven

The Echo Foundation

The Helen McCrea Peacock Foundation

The Metcalf Foundation

N.A. Taylor Foundation

United Church of Canada

RBC Blue Water Project

Many thanks go to:

  • Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada
  • The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer
  • The City of Ottawa
  • Environment Canada
  • The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
  • The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario
  • Metrolinx
  • North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation
  • The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care
  • The Ontario Ministry of the Environment
  • The Ontario Trillium Foundation
  • The Ottawa Carlton District School Board
  • Physical & Health Education Canada
  • Share the Road
  • Transport Canada
  • And the many charitable contributors to the Green Communities Foundation
Strategies For Sustainability: 

The Green Communities Foundation was incorporated in 2008 to help support the charitable goals of Green Communities Canada and its member organizations.  

Impact Of Program: 

GCC has over two dozen member organizations in every region of the country, with combined annual revenues of $24 million, 600 employees, and more than 2000 volunteers.

Evaluation Tools: 

Green Communities are a great example of getting things done at the community level. We can all be inspired by their dedication to protecting the environment and making the world a better place for future generations.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

GREEN COMMUNITIES focus on the actions we can take in our daily lives – in our homes, our businesses, our communities – to build a sustainable future.Green Communities also deliver programs that change the way our political and social infrastructures facilitate environmental action in our communities. We actively champion important issues such as walkable communities, affordable energy for low-income households, and national home energy.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

2012 was a tough year. This isn’t an easy business at the best of times, and it doesn’t help when governments are less supportive. But we are in this for the long haul - 17 years and counting. As we look forward, climate change impacts loom large, including heat waves, downpours, and ecological disruption. People are realizing that serious action is required to prepare for what’s coming, and to prevent catastrophic change. For Green Communities, this is a call to do more of what we do best: provide community solutions that work. Onward!

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