Hannukah Hustle - Walk or Run Fundraisor Marathron for Seniors

Organization Sponsor: Shalom Village

Organization Partner: McMaster University


Program Description

More than five hundred runners and walkers took over Macklin Street and the Waterfront Trail on Sunday November 21st 2010 as they participated in events varying in distance from 1k to 10k. The temperatures were cool but the hearts were warm as evidenced by the many rosy cheeks and smiling faces to be seen.

The Hannukah Hustle supports The Club, a unique fitness centre for people over the age of 70. Seniors living in the community, as well as Shalom Village residents, work out at The Club, which grew out of a study performed in partnership with McMaster University. Research has shown that active living results in greater mobility and stamina and reduces the likelihood of injuries due to falls. It also means an increased quality of life as we age.

“We had a record turnout from both runners and walkers,” said Greg Almas, Head Coach of the Club Fitness Centre at Shalom Village, “and at least 60 residents participated, many with walkers or wheelchairs.”

Veteran hustler
One of those residents was Edna Smith, 94, who has participated in the Hannukah Hustle every year since it started. “I usually do the 5k course,” said Edna, who has had two hip replacements, “but this year I’m going to settle for the 1k walk.”

Program Approximate Cost: 

Free for participants

Funding Sources: 

Shalom Village Charitable Foundation, Ministry of Health & Long Term Care

Strategies For Sustainability: 

Shalom Village is a pioneering non-profit organization in Hamilton Ontario that provides a community of services for older adults. Accreditation Canada review confirms that Shalom Village meets or exceeds all 522 National Standards established by the Canadian Council on Health Facilities Accreditation.

Impact Of Program: 

In 2002, when we first announced our plans to celebrate Hannukah with a running race and walk, more than a few eyebrows were raised. After all, what business did old people have being out on a race course? Who would have guessed then that the Hannukah Hustle would become a huge community event showcasing the health and social benefits that come to seniors who “get out and work out”?

Evaluation Tools: 

Shalom Village is accredited by Accreditation Canada, an independent not-for-profit organization that develops standards for health care and provides tools to measure and evaluate outcomes. In their report presented to a packed audience of Shalom Village staff and residents the surveyors from Accreditation Canada reviewed the evidence they had found that clearly demonstrates the ongoing excellence, creativity and innovation that is Shalom Village. They stated "you have an outstanding clinical team and are commended for all that you offer."

Key Elements Towards Success: 

In talking with Bob, he said it was a neat race with people running full out, people walking the course and brave souls with walkers and wheelchairs covering the race venue. There are tons of shots with all different types of participants showing. It is a nice sign of community when you see all walks of people gathering for a little fresh air and activity!

Challenges To Meet Them: 

Convincing people they can do it.

Length and Stage of Project: 

This event began in 2002 and has become annual.

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