Harbours United Soccer League (HUSL)

Organization Sponsor: Ketch Harbour Area Residents Association

Program Description

In 2002 a group of parents from the communities of Ketch Harbour / Sambro formed a soccer league. Thinking we would have enough kids to form a couple of teams we were overwhelmed when we had 70+ register. The elementary school where these children go has a total population of 120+/-! We charged a nominal fee (enough to cover the cost of tshirts the first year) - $20 / child or $35 / family. Since then we have raised our rates slightly ($20 / child or $40 / family) to cover the costs of insurance and equipment. We also waive the fee for families who may not be able to afford it. We have had great support from the parents, grandparents, our HRM Councillor (Steve Adams), Tim Hortons, local business like Shopper's Drug Mart, Sobey's and the Superstore. Totally volunteer driven. We also solicite the assistance of the teenagers from the area to help with practices and games. Each year is more successfull than the last! All it takes is a little bit of time and initiative and you can make anything happen. These kids love it!

Program Approximate Cost: 

$20 per child $35 for family

Funding Sources: 

HRM Grant (one time) for equipment
Tim Horton's for jersey's / first aid kits
HRM Councillor contributed to festival
Shopper's Drug Mart contributed towards jersey's and refreshments for festivals
Sobey's & Superstore contributed toward festival refre

Strategies For Sustainability: 

Good community involvement and support.

Impact Of Program: 

Program has given the areas of Williamswood, Pennant, Sambro, Sambro Head, Ketch Harbour and Duncan's Cove a league in their area. The program was started because as working parents we found it very difficult to drive 30 minutes home every evening to run back to a field in town to play soccer. Necessity for local sports programs which didn't previously exist.

Evaluation Tools: 

We have a Board of Directors and all decisions are made by consensus

Key Elements Towards Success: 

Parent involvement
children involvement

Challenges To Meet Them: 

Parents often hold back from volunteering to coach based on limited knowledge of the sport. We are working on initiatives to help with workshops or opportunities for them to feel comfortable taking on coaching roles

Length and Stage of Project: 

We have been running for 3 seasons and are planning on season 4.

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