Healthy Lifestyles Program

Organization Sponsor: Atikokan Native Friendship Centre


Program Description

This 8 week program combines sessions on a variety of health topics with an ongoing incentive program for healthy eating and regular physical activity. At the first session each participant is sent home with a copy of Canada's Food Guide, and Physical Activity Guide.

Their task is to track the following behaviors each day, in order to collect points: # of servings of fruits and veggies; drinking 8 glasses of water; fewer portions of red meat; and accumulation of at least 30 minutes of activity above normal routine. Sessions were held each week covering various topics (eg. Healthy Eating: Fat Intake, Active Living, Self Esteem). There were weekly prizes for the most points accumulated.

For more information, please contact:

Evelyn Vernan
Phone: 807 597 1213
Fax: 807 597 1473

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