Healthy Recreation Motivates (HRM) Kids

Organization Sponsor: Halifax Regional Municipality


Program Description

There are approximately 44,000 disadvantaged youth in Nova Scotia, many of them in the Halifax area. There have been no programs to make recreation activities accessible to Halifax children and youth living in poverty - HRM Kids works on addressing this issue.
HRM Kids was created to help financially disadvantaged children and youth participate in more recreation and cultural activities. Children and youth from across the city are able to access recreation spaces made available through the HRM program.

The HRM kids payment program makes recreation spaces available for children and youth living in poverty. Kids can access the program anonymously and, if they must use public transportation to participate, they are provided with a bus pass.

Funding Sources: 

The recreation committee and the regional coordinator for recreation programming recognizes that registration fees, equipment costs and transportation were preventing kids from participating in recreation. They met with local YM/YWCAs, Boys and Girls club

Strategies For Sustainability: 

The understanding that organizers must take small steps to make HRM Kids program work. Service providers, police and teachers should be involved at the beginning of the process.

Impact Of Program: 

Staff from recreation centres around the city, social workers, teachers and neighbours can refer children and youth to the program. Financial need must be demonstrated but children are not singled out or put on record as being disadvantaged. Because of this program children and youth who wouldn't otherwise be able to, are now participating in recreation programs!

Evaluation Tools: 

Youth have not been asked for their input because of confidentiality concerns.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

Community involvement is key to making HRM Kids work.

Length and Stage of Project: 

2001 to present

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