Heart Health and Multicultural Youth

Organization Sponsor: Multicultural Interagency Group of Peel

Program Description

Adapted from Toronto Heart Health Youth Leadership program to implement in the Region of Peel. This project offers the opportunities to ethno cultural ethno racial youth to enhance physical activity, nutrition and live a smoke free lifestyle.

The project was designed to seek youth from four communities: Arab, Hispanic, South Asian and Black in the Region of Peel. It was also developed leadership skills within the youth from these communities.

The project provided documentation about healthy lifestyle changes in the families. It also addressed the needs of community partners’ capacity to deliver culturally appropriate Heart Health services.

The project delivered, 2005, in English as the outreach was done in high schools grade 9 and 10, Mississauga and Caledon. Two groups in Mississauga (boys (28 students) and girls (21 students), joint group in Caledon (28 students). These groups represent students from Hispanic, Arabic, African, Caribbean, South Asian, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnam. Two of our partners delivered the project for their own communities separately: Punjabi Community Connections and United Achievers.

Funding Sources: 

Healthy At the Heart
Peel Community Action on the Heart

Strategies For Sustainability: 

To facilitate the exchange of information and resources, identify common concerns and seek collective solutions.
* To enhance inter-agency collaboration and cooperation between mainstream and community-based organizations serving the culturally diverse community of Peel.
* To promote education, training and action for community development.
* To participate through a collective approach in community advocacy initiatives that seek to improve culturally responsive services, thereby asserting the basic human rights of all people living in Peel region.

Impact Of Program: 

The Multicultural Inter-Agency Group of Peel ( MIAG ) evolved from a task force of the Social Planning Council of Peel in 1982. It was then decided that a network of the various organizations was essential to ensure the coordination of culturally sensitive service delivery in Peel region. MIAG was incorporated in 1990. Currently the MIAG network involves over 100 groups and agencies.

Evaluation Tools: 

The project was piloted by 2 groups, one female and one male. It was successful and still an ongoing program.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

To enhance the effectiveness of human care organizations serving the culturally diverse community of Peel.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

* To involve youth from diverse cultural background to become leaders by promoting an active lifestyle in their communities among families and peers.
* To enhance physical activity, nutrition and live a smoke- free lifestyle.
* To do outreach for diverse communities.
* To provide documentation about healthy lifestyle changes in the families.

Length and Stage of Project: 

This project began in 2005 and will be on going.

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