Heartwood Centre for Community Youth Development

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Program Description

Empowering Youth, Enriching Communities” Established in 1989 as a registered charitable organization, HeartWood is a leader in youth development programs in Nova Scotia, annually working with over 3,500 youth in discovering their 'personal best'. The heart of our work is with young people and mentor volunteers in communities across Nova Scotia. HeartWood's core approach ~ proven successful with over 20,000 young people ~ includes: wilderness adventure, peer team support, mentoring, meaningful service in community, and leadership education. For more information, check out the full website: http://www.heartwood.ns.ca

HeartWood uses a holistic approach in their community youth development practices. We provide direct leadership training for youth by supporting and working with youth in their communities. We also offer capacity building, professional development, and research for anyone else who is interested in meaningfully engaging youth.
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Program Approximate Cost: 

cost of programs vary.

Funding Sources: 

Heartwood has over 41 partners and funders.

Strategies For Sustainability: 

HeartWood Centre for Community Youth Development is a nationally recognized leader in the field of community youth development. HeartWood draws on over 20 years of experiences in youth development, organizational development, and community youth development research.

Impact Of Program: 

the number of young people HeartWood has worked with totals over 25,000. The size of the core staff team has grown, as well as the number of part-time, seasonal, and volunteer staff. The organization has earned broad and deep respect in Nova Scotia, as well as recognition in Canada as one of the country’s leading youth development agencies. Youth and adults speak of the ‘HeartWood way’ when searching for language that describes youth programming that is inclusive, empowering, and sustaining.

Evaluation Tools: 

Heartwood's programs have been analysed documented and proven successful.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

Our Youth Development and Leadership Programs provide experiential learning experiences for youth to develop their personal leadership qualities through teamwork, community participation, outdoor adventure, and helping others. These programs are focused regionally in Nova Scotia, and provide us with the direct relationships with young people to continue to enhance our understanding on how to best serve them.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

Our approach is participatory. It honours a community’s unique characteristics, needs and outcomes. HeartWood’s methodology is to engage with others over an extended time frame to effect sustained outcomes.

Length and Stage of Project: 

Heartwood began in 1989 and has grown into a national organization.

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