Hector Blades Skating Program

Organization Sponsor: Pictou Recreation, Tourism and Culture


Program Description

The focus of the program is skill development and participants learn the basics of skating by participating in fun and creative activities. Progress reports are given to participants to provide feedback on their abilities and incentives are included to promote attendance and participation.

The lead instructor is Gena Waller-Henderson, an experienced skater and coach. Volunteers are recruited through the YMCA and members of the Weeks Junior A Crushers come each week to assist.

10 of the 40 spots in the program were allocated for children who would benefit from participation, but would otherwise be unable to afford to register. These spots were offered to children as identified by community service and the school. These children were contacted and offered assistance in locating helmets and skates as well.

Funding Sources: 

Office of Health Promotion - Sport and Recreation Division

Strategies For Sustainability: 

Lots of partners
reasonable registration fee that balances value and accessibility and makes the program financially sustainable without relying on grants

Impact Of Program: 

Since there had not been a skating program in the area for a couple of years, there was lots of interest once the program began. We were unable to accommodate everyone, but encouraged those individuals to attend the public skating times with their children at the arena.

Evaluation Tools: 

currently drafting satisfaction surveys for participants, parents and volunteers

Key Elements Towards Success: 

lots of partners meant that the community was involved and the program offers a service that wasn't previously offered

Challenges To Meet Them: 

If your organization has something to offer that you know will enhance an existing program - contact that group and make the offer. Competing for participants, does not make sense in rural Nova Scotia, and the important thing is providing quality physical activity program for children and youth.

Length and Stage of Project: 

15 weeks / once a week / for one hour

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