Heritage Barn (Tool Shed) and Outhouse Project

Organization Sponsor: Urban Farm Museum Society of Spryfield

Organization Partner: Captain William Spry Community Center


Program Description

Project Summary: To build a heritage barn to store tools, two wagons, tents and other materials needed for events and the tool-lending bank. It will also serve as space for workshops for gardening skills and to celebrate Spryfield's agricultural heritage. As part of the heritage experience outhouses were constructed and became quite the attraction for children. Five youth from the Phoenix Youth Employment Center helped in the construction of the projects. This project facilitated the ability to store equipment on site as well as allowed children to stay on location longer.

The URBAN FARM MUSEUM SOCIETY of Spryfield is a newly incorporated, not-for-profit organization which has been working for several years toward the establishment of a working farm museum in Spryfield.

* to commemorate the area's rural heritage

* to enable food production in the city

* to serve as an adjunct teaching venue for local schools, in natural and social sciences, the arts, and family economics

* to strengthen the traditional social fabric of the area

Funding Sources: 

The Chebucto West and Halifax Peninsula Community Health Boards,
Councilor Adams

Strategies For Sustainability: 

A variety of themes such as heritage, gardening, farming, physical activity and community involvement has lead to an extremely successful enterprise.A small number of dedicated and experienced volunteers steer these projects to success.

Impact Of Program: 

The Urban Farm facilities and projects have led to school curriculum development, community participation in events such as heritage walks,teas, picnics and farming experience, activities for children day camps and the growing of fresh local produce.

Evaluation Tools: 

Verbal feedback from the community, school and participants as well as the numbers of people participating in the events.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

Community support from family members who had carpentry skills.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

Funding applications and organizing the staff and volunteers.

Length and Stage of Project: 

The barn project was built in 2006 but the Urban Farm Museum has existed since 1999.

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