HIGH FIVE® Nova Scotia

Organization Sponsor: Recreation Nova Scotia (formerly Nova Scotia Recreation and Parks Association)


Program Description

Recreation Nova Scotia launched HIGH FIVE® in August, 2004 after an extensive two year pilot and has been promoting and delivering the HIGH FIVE®quality standard to municipalities, youth-serving organizations, sport organizations, recreation facilities and school boards across Nova Scotia since then. It was the first province to follow Ontario in adopting HIGH FIVE® as the standard for training recreation and sport leaders.

In 2009 Subway became a corporate sponsor. In addition to providing funding for training they also provide meals during all HIGH FIVE® training sessions, trainer shirts and T-shirts for all the Registered Organizations summer staff.

HIGH FIVE is a Quality Assurance System designed to support the safety, well-being and healthy development of children in recreation and sport programs. We do this by providing parents and professionals with tools, training and resources that promote and support the principles of Healthy Child Development.

The HIGH FIVE program is based on the premise that a child's development is best supported when they are in a program that provides them with a caring adult, and the opportunity to play, make friends, master skills and participate. We are committed to ensuring that every child has a positive sport and recreation experience.

HIGH FIVE® was conceived in 1994 by Parks and Recreation Ontario and launched in November 2001. Since then it has grown nationally to have more than 45,000 persons trained in the Principles of Health Child Development, 5,500 trained in using the QUEST 2 and 700 as HIGH FIVE® Trainers.

Program Approximate Cost: 


Funding Sources: 

Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness, Subway

Strategies For Sustainability: 

Ensuring that sport and recreation practitioners develop a high level of knowledge and expertise in child development; through the frontline leader training in Principles of Healthy Child Development (PHCD).
Providing practitioners with the tools for enhancing and maintaining a high level of program quality through the QUEST 2 ( program assessment tool) and QUEST 1 (policies and procedures review and assessment tool)

Impact Of Program: 

We have trained over 3000 leaders in the Principles of Healthy Child Development. Currently, in Nova Scotia, there are 60 Registered HIGH FIVE® Organizations and 100 certified HIGH FIVE®Trainers who are able to deliver HIGH FIVE®workshops to leaders, supervisory practitioners and administrators. Recreation Nova Scotia estimates that as many as 70,000 children have been impacted by HIGH FIVE® but the target market is wide and there is still a lot of work to do.

Evaluation Tools: 

Quest evaluation taken during the 2002-2004 pilot recorded 73% in the overall implementation of the principles of healthy child development. The recorded Quest evaluations for 2010 demonstrate 89%.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

"HIGH FIVE®Nova Scotia is recognized as the critical building block for a healthy population. Being designated as a HIGH FIVE entity is seen as representing quality children's programming. HIGH FIVE®Nova Scotia is the premier certification for front line leaders for children and the ultimate source of accessible tools, training and resources that lead to excellence in children's programming. HIGH FIVE®is part of the culture of all organizations who care about healthy child development."

Challenges To Meet Them: 

Educational and promotional workshops to expand HIGH FIVE® to all groups and organizations throughout the province. This can be expensive and time consuming. Being invited to present at conferences and large community events is excellent way to showcase HIGH FIVE®. Smaller groups may also find it too costly. Finding additional community funding or corporate sponsorship to support these groups is invaluable.

Length and Stage of Project: 

The pilot began in 2002.

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