Hip Hop Angels

Organization Sponsor: Halifax Regional Municipality, Recreation

Organization Partner: Halifax Regional Municipality


Program Description

A Hip Hop group, the Dixon Little Women did a guest appearance at the Dartmouth North Community Center. There was such a response from the local community to have their own group that a group of girls and community volunteers got together, and, deciding that they wanted it to be girls only activity, planned the program., The Hip Hop Angels meet once a week and with the help of volunteer instructors, the program has been a great success. 31 girls in the program.

Funding Sources: 

Active Halifax Community Fund provided cost of T-shirts for girls, girls fund raise themselves

Strategies For Sustainability: 

plan to hold program as long as interest is there, will fund raise if the program needs additional resources

Impact Of Program: 

Improved girls' physical fitness levels, brought girls from different communities and different schools together, resulted in a community gathering from all areas for performances, pizza and pop donated.

Evaluation Tools: 

none now, plan to use High Five evaluation tool

Key Elements Towards Success: 

Interest of girls, no financial barrier, run by volunteers

Challenges To Meet Them: 

Finding qualified volunteers

Length and Stage of Project: 

Began May 2004, continues to grow

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