Horsemanship Intern Program

Organization Sponsor: Beaver Dam Farm Fjords II

Organization Partner: Nova Scotia Equestrian Federation


Program Description

For over twenty years, Beaver Dam Farm has been welcoming summer interns from around the world. Enjoy a wonderful learning vacation in a beautiful, friendly part of the world. --- A chance to experience first-hand the Canadian Farm way of life - A chance to improve your horsemanship.
You will live on beautiful Beaver Dam Farm - 350 acres of rolling fields and spectacular ocean views. --- A lovely, 6 mile beach is ten minutes from the farm --- A summer full of good time, learning, and new friends - -- You have an opportunity to experience a successful horse breeding, training, and equine tourism business.

During this internship you will be working with young horses from weanling through 3-year-olds. Riding horses to train and condition. All done under the supervision . ---- Barn work, meaning cleaning stalls and tack, as well as any and all necessary chores around the stable. ---- Such chores as picking rocks out of the arena so the horses won‘t injure their feet . . . , or clearing the grass paddocks of weeds that are harmful to the horses ------Helping in office with chores such as running the copying machine. --- Helping to keep the house clean and in order. -- Interns are responsible for keeping their rooms clean and neat. And also daily cleaning of the shared bathroom. -- Also, such chores as picking vegetables in the garden, weeding, and watering the gardens.

There is a lot for everybody to do, but not too much! There are usually have from between four and seven interns, plus staff. So, you can see that with this many people doing the work, there is never too much for any one person.

Keeping the house and farm operation running efficiently is the work of everyone who lives and works on the farm. This means that everyone must be willing to do any and all tasks that are required to keep the farm and the house running smoothly. -- This includes all interns doing some housework every day, which usually means 15 min. per person per day. -- This also means helping with food preparation and washing up.

Farm Vacations are also available for the desired timeperiods and short courses in horse care and riding are possible that teach: LESSONS -

* Taking Care of Horses - A short course in all-around horsemanship

* Safety Around Horses

* Designing Stables & Pastures

* Driving Theory - plus harnessing, hitching & ground driving.

The driving theory course is based on the classical dressage principle of the German system.

Program Approximate Cost: 

50.00 a week for food

Funding Sources: 

Beaver Dam provides accommodation. The interns are only required to contribute $50.00 toward food a week.

Strategies For Sustainability: 

Beaver Dam Farm has had a successful farm and horse business since 1992. They offer many programs as well as Farm Vacations. The internship program offers a working learning experience for little money. Just a small contribution toward their food.

Impact Of Program: 

This program has train about 7 interns for 25 years about 175 youth. This internship program fulfills the requirements of most equine schools. A comment from a participant "Your farm is packed with everything I love - tons of flowers, rolling fields, horses, a wonderful cozy blend of antiques, and a superb group of friendly horses"

Evaluation Tools: 

Feedback from participants.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

The farm is 350 acres and close to beaches and Antigonish a small town. They love sharing their wonderful farm and animals with guests, and get great pleasure introducing people to the charm and quality of life that they enjoy in Nova Scotia.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

The weather can make farm life at times more difficlut. The interns might get sick and have to return home.

Length and Stage of Project: 

This program began in 1992.

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