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Organization Sponsor: Community of Waterhen


Program Description

I ran a tubing fun raiser down the river this past summer.

The local waterhen lodge was already putting on a bar-b-que so I ran it the same day. I got tire shops in Dauphin to donate "tubes" and it ran like a poker derby down the river.

The trip was too long so this year it's turning into our "raft derby" or tubes and will begin at our local park. By using the park, I want to build more flower beds and enhance the park.

Choosing flowers that repel mosquitoes will be a future focus so that people will spend more time in the park and use in during the spring, summer and fall months. Then we can have our walks and community events focused in the park.

Back to the Tubing event, we had raised $170.00 in selling poker hands at $5.00 each and the event wasn't advertised much as we planned this 2 weeks before the date it occurred. This was easy to do at the last minute, but with better planning, we could easily bring in over $1,000.00 and still have fun.

50% of the money went to prizes for the best hand. so 25% 1st 15% 2nd and 10% for 3rd. and when our tubers reached the Lodge, we all
had a bar-b-que supper waiting for us...for $6.00 a plate. And since the lodge is private land, people were allowed to b.y.o.b. and pay for a camp spot for the night.

To me, the opportunity arose that this event is a yearly thing at the lodge, so even though My brain didn't kick in quick enough, or sooner, it still became a partnering opportunity that I took advantage of and realized that money could be raised, while having fun and including the community in some type of main attraction.

I also invited sea doers to come and keep an eye on the rafters just in case of trouble. I offered to contribute gas to their machines and they loved the opportunity to have fun with other sea doers and give the community a sea doo show at the park.

I hope this lights up someone with an opportunity that you may have in your community and that you can take advantage of it and have fun while doing it.

If you break up an event into many pieces, and give the pieces to other organizations, it will be easier to accomplish the event rather that try to do it all yourself and burnout and then blame the community for not helping?

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Melanie Chartrand

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