Intergeneration Computer Classes

Organization Sponsor: South London Neighborhood Resource Centre

Organization Partner: London, City


Program Description

The objective of the program is to create a strong community with opportunities for every isolated multicultural senior.
The program provides an opportunity for multicultural seniors to get exposed to the different tools that computers offer. Multicultural youths who need to complete their community volunteering hours will assist the seniors to learn computers. The program also includes other educational and recreational activities.

Funding Sources: 

Social Development Canada (New Horizons for Seniors Program) and in-kind from the South London Neighbourhood Resource Centre and the City of London

Impact Of Program: 

We expect that this program will motivate seniors to continue learning and feel that they are cared and respected by the youth. The youth will learn from the past experience of the seniors and have a better understanding of the seniors.

Evaluation Tools: 

Attendance is recorded and at the end of each course the seniors and the youths will be provided with a questionnaire to give their feedback.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

Multicultural seniors find this community welcoming and have been running their own programs for the past four years.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

The strength of the program is that it is a community based neighbourhood initiative in an area that is deemed a settlement for newcomers in London. Language is a challenge that we need to work on.

Length and Stage of Project: 

This will be an ongoing program Two weeks starting May 31, 2006

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