International Ballroom - Drop in Dances.

Organization Sponsor: Ballroom Barn


Program Description

Wheatley River PEI is about 20 minutes from Charlottetown. A large unused barn has been converted to a dance studio offering Instruction in International Style Ballroom Dancing and weekly dances. It is so popular that it attracts students and youth from the city. You can sign up to take a class or just drop in and dance every Friday night. It has become a gathering place for youth who love the international styles of social dance. Argentine Tango , Salsa , the Jive have all become very popular dance forms.

Program Approximate Cost: 

5.00 drop in and 7.00 for lessons

Funding Sources: 

Self sufficient

Strategies For Sustainability: 

This program is offered on a drop in basis, sign up for a certain number of weeks or take lessons. The fact it is outside the city and in a renovated barn the space is inexpensive to run.

Impact Of Program: 

This program is in the country and it attracts about 20-30 people every Friday night. Some people drive out of the city to participate. It attracts older teens and young adults.

Evaluation Tools: 

The feedback from participants.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

This is a very relaxed recreational program with various levels of commitment. You can participate to what ever degree you wish. These dances range from simple to complex . The challenge of complex steps and the trill of learning them is very addictive. There is a lot of support and encouragements for beginners.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

It is not necessary to have a partner but social dances seems to work better as couples. It helps to speed up the learning in couples.

Length and Stage of Project: 

This program became official 2007

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