International Dieppe Kite Festival

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Program Description

Dieppe KITE International is the largest festival of its kind in North America.

The Dieppe Kite International is comprised of three types of activity: kite flying, community activities and cultural activities.

The first stream is based on kite flying and is the main attraction of the festival thanks to the originality and uniqueness it brings to the region. Kite flying disciplines are varied and include, among others, extreme acrobatic kite flying and creative kite flying. Many activities are organized around the kite flying theme, such as kite flying by participants from around the world, a “fighting kites” contest (Rokkaku), kite making workshops, kite flying sessions for kids, adults and older adults and night flight sessions.
The world's best kite fliers from various countries converge on Dieppe's Dover Park during a busy week of activities in August to fly kites of all colours, shapes and sizes.
The Dieppe KITE International event will take place from August 13 to August 17. 

Four solo artists and four groups will share the stage at the Arthur-J.-LeBlanc Centre this summer during Dieppe KITE International.

On Friday, August 15, the first concert will feature Swing, Réveil, Suroît and Cayouche followed by a concert on Saturday, August 16, featuring George Belliveau, Hert LeBlanc, Big Bad Marty Band and André-Philippe Gagnon.

A two-concert pass is available for $40 before July 25. Tickets for each individual concert are also available at a cost of $25 in advance or $35 at the door.

To mark the 10th anniversary of the festival, those who purchase a two-concert pass before July 25 will have a chance to win a VIP Experience Package for August 15. The package for eight friends includes Mooshead products, a limousine ride to the concert site, a private bar and pizza at the end of the evening.

Program Approximate Cost: 


Funding Sources: 

Rogers, BMW,Glow Parties, Roadway System, EPR, Dieppe,Mini, Atlantic Lottery, Gov of Canada, Caisse Populaire Dieppe, Gov of New Brunswick, Alpine Lager,Atlantic Superstore, Shell, Tim Hortons,Dr. Martin Braces.

Strategies For Sustainability: 

The Dieppe Kite International was launched with the goal of organizing an exciting, original event on an international level that encourages exchanges among French-speaking countries. Following the success of the Village de la Francophonie, the town of Dieppe saw a need to plan an event to promote the local region around the world.

Impact Of Program: 

The Dieppe Kite International is one of the most renowned kite festivals in North America. More than 75 international kite flyers are expected to land in the city for this year’s festival. About 40,000 people are expected to attend.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

The festival owes a large part of its success to the collaboration between internationally renowned kite fliers. Their participation is proof of the event's quality and the esteem in which it holds in the kite-flying community.

Length and Stage of Project: 

During a visit from the City of Dieppe, New Brunswick, Canada, to Dieppe, France, in 2000, the New Brunswick delegation sought to identify opportunities for partnerships  in education, culture, history and tourism. During the visit, it was determined that a festival held in Dieppe, France, for the past 20 years – the International Dieppe Kite – was an excellent idea for a twinning program. Following exchanges between the two cities and Festival representatives, a collaboration protocol was established and signed between the two festivals. This protocol led to the founding of Dieppe KITE International in 2001.

The Canadian festival continues to collaborate with Dieppe, France, on technical aspects, choice of participants, as well as the exchange of ideas and staff. 
Dieppe KITE International (DKI) is now an annual event bringing together hundreds of kite fliers from all over the world at Dover Park.

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