International Dory Races

Organization Sponsor: Canadian Dory Racing Association

Organization Partner: Lunenburg Waterfront Seafood Festival


Program Description

The International Dory Races have been an integral part of the yearly celebration of Lunenburg's inherent connection to the Atlantic and the seafaring way of life since its inception in the 1950s. Much like other years, organizer Wayne Spindler says that this year's event will electrify, with plenty of national pride on the line.
While dory races have been part of the Lunenburg Waterfront Seafood Festival, and its forerunner, the Lunenburg Fisheries Exhibition, since the first year the festival was held, the "friendly rivalry" between Lunenburg and Gloucester, Massachusetts, dates back 56 years.
In 1952, the first international races were held, pitting teams, such as the great Lloyd Heisler and Russell Langille, against the best competition our friends south of the border could muster.
Mr. Spindler said, as in years gone by, this year's International Dory Races will be exciting to watch and will surely draw large and energetic crowds to the Lunenburg waterfront on September 13.
"As usual, the Queen of Hearts Dory Club will be well represented with several teams expected in all four international categories, plus [there is] some interest from local rowers, as well as PEI," he explained.
This year, again, will also feature an exhibition race of mixed doubles from both countries, featuring a male and female in each dory.Junior level features rowers ahe 19 and under.
excerps from Patrick Hirtle "Dory races will ignite competitive fires" South Shore Now.

Funding Sources: 

NS Dept of Tourism , Culture and Heritage,Clearwater, High Liner, Lunenburg Heritage Site,

Strategies For Sustainability: 

Dory racing requires skill and coordination and has been encouraged as a form of physical activity for ocean communities in Nova Scotia. It helps celebrate the life and skills of fishermen. The dory can be home made and is one of the safest boat designs.

Impact Of Program: 

Dory racing has inspired many generations and has become part of the heritage of Nova Scotia.

Evaluation Tools: 

The continual support of community and participants.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

This event celebrates a skill that has been a part of Maritime life for generations. Communities are thrilled to watch this event and participants eager to promote it.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

Competition with other water sports is a problem as youth are attracted to newer forms of activities. Also the creation of clubs to help in the development and preservation of this activity is a challenge because it requires volunteers.

Length and Stage of Project: 

Dory racing has been taking place for 100 years and has been apart of Lunenburg Festivals and other South Shore community events since the 50's.

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