International Youth Day- Summer Camp

Organization Sponsor: YMCA of Peterborough


Program Description

International Youth Day - Teaching campers about our diversity through active, hands on games and activities! The activities lasted for a full day. A variety of equipment including balls, pylons, pinnies, balloons etc... Outdoor's using soccer fields, as well as gym's, squash courts, and multipurpose rooms.

Funding Sources: 


Strategies For Sustainability: 

We held an International Youth Day for all of our campers - the object was for them to travel to different stations where they were introduced to a variety of active games specific to different cultures throughout the world. The groups then played the games and learned about the different cultures.

Impact Of Program: 

More than 175 young people attended the YMCA International Youth Day Showcase: Celebrating Talent, Leadership & Diversity at

Evaluation Tools: 

Surveys afterward.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

This was a great opportunity for all of the kids to get active, while having a blast and learning about the ways that other children in different countries spend their time! International Youth Day gives the world an opportunity to recognize the potential of youth, to celebrate their achievements, and plan for better ways to engage young people to successfully take action in their commun

Challenges To Meet Them: 

Getting youth to try new things. They find it hard to try new things.

Length and Stage of Project: 

This project is an annual event.

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