Juice –Festival for Children and Young People

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Program Description

Juice – Is Newcastle Gates head’s festival for children and young people aged 0-18.The Festival mission for 2009 is to provide: "A world class celebration of the creativity of children and young people (aged 0 – 18), promoting Newcastle Gates head as a vibrant cultural environment for children, young people and their families.’A wide range of delivery partners help to deliver the artistic programme, ranging from Dance City to the Baltic. The festival has three core strands: work by children and young people; a family offer during half term and commissions and residencies.
Children and young people are involved in many aspects of the festival including:
• creating work eg First Draft, Searching for Lear, Show us a Secret;
• promoting the festival eg through the Culture Magazine and local papers;
• Leading events eg music workshops;
• Front of house activity as part of the Juice Crew
• as participants and audiences eg in Urban Playground, Haircuts by Children,Together Apart, Shhhhh...
• evaluation through the youth leadership cohort Young people find out about and get involved in the festival through responding to PR and marketing, through the activities and events of the delivery partners and through schools.

A really important way of inspiring people to come to festival events is through the pre-festival work that gets young people involved in planning and running the festival – this is what will build the greatest sense of ownership and increase opportunities for young people over the next few years.

Arts Council England in partnership with the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) staged three one day events in July 2009 to increase understanding of how the arts and culture can help deliver positive activities for young people. Juice is one of their case studies.

Funding Sources: 

Funding for the festival comes from One North East, Newcastle City Council, Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council, Arts Council England North East and the Northern Rock Foundation.

Strategies For Sustainability: 

1. To champion and platform vibrant cultural activity that celebrates and explores the ideas, aspirations and views of children and young people
2. To commission and promote innovative work of exceptional quality, creating a unique festival for children, young people and their families that celebrates and develops the cultural offer in the North East
3. To encourage and support collaboration and partnerships between organisations in Newcastle Gateshead for the benefit of children and young people and their families
4. To involve children and young people in the planning and delivery of cultural activity that feeds into the festival and that enables the development of new skills and sense of ownership
5. To welcome and involve participants and audiences from Newcastle Gateshead, the wider NE region, the UK and the rest of the world

Impact Of Program: 

Last year’s festival was attended by over 35,000 participants at more than 40 events across Newcastle Gateshead. Juice currently sits as one of the culture10 portfolio of festivals and events and at the moment is funded until March 2010.The festival is seen as an important event in the Newcastle Gateshead world class festival and events programme providing participation and engagement opportunities for children and young people.

Evaluation Tools: 

Evaluation through the youth leadership cohort.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

* By showcasing and presenting high quality work created by, for and with children and young people
* By commissioning new work created by, for and with children and young people
* By programming inspiring activities that children and young people can take part in by themselves, with their families or as part of a school or other group
* By encouraging creative responses to the city’s social, natural and built heritage
* By providing safe and structured ways for children and young people to develop new skills through involvement in the festival
* By targeted marketing of festival opportunities to children and young people, their families, schools and other groups

Challenges To Meet Them: 

We’re developing opportunities for young people to create and lead events. Because of practical things like traveling to regular workshops, the majority of young people who lead events will still come from Newcastle Gateshead and surrounding areas.

Length and Stage of Project: 

Juice – Newcastle Gateshead’s festival for children and young people aged 0-18 was run successfully for the first time in autumn 2008.

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