Just Live It - Be Active: Youth ActionTeam

Organization Sponsor: Halifax Regional Municipality


Program Description

As part of the J.L. Illsley High School, Just Live - Be Active Committee, the Super Spry's Youth Action Team was formed to provide opportunities for students to gain leadership skills and then to pass then on to their peers and to Junior High Students through various physical activities. The 'Road Show' did presentations at 4 Junior High feeder schools - Cunard, Herring Cove, Rockingstone and Elizabeth Sutherland Junior High Schools. The shows include a skit about the importance of being physically active, teaching a fitness routine and four new games that students can play. Each School also received a bucket of equipment used to play the games and a book of resources (local, provincial and national programs, activities and fundraisers.)

The Active School Community pilot sites were led primarily by partnerships between schools and municipalities or First Nations communities. The committees also had integral representation from students, parents, district health authorities, family resources centres, universities, and provincial government. Each pilot’s committee had its unique composition of members.

Funding Sources: 

NS Health Promotion, Active Schools Fund, Capital Health

Strategies For Sustainability: 

HRM Staff are available to guide, lead and work with School, teacher support, enthusiasm of Team

Impact Of Program: 

Opportunities provided for leadership training, older students provide role models for participating in physical activity. For younger students look up to them. Team are getting to know their community and proud of it and of themselves.

Evaluation Tools: 

Report to NS Health Promotion

Key Elements Towards Success: 

Enthusiasm of students, volunteer their time

Challenges To Meet Them: 

Students unable to participate because of jobs. Have a couple of events on weekends. Transportation a challenge. solve it by carpooling, use of taxis. Funding - if had more dollars, could expand number of activities.

Length and Stage of Project: 

2nd year and continuing

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