Kickboxing: KIDS Skill Development Program

Organization Sponsor: Fitness Kickboxing Canada


Program Description

KIDS ages 8-13 Kickboxing Skill Development Program incorporating a martial arts belt rank system with monthly grading for advancement and goal recognition. It combines Kickboxing punches, kicks & blocks in offensive and defensive drills and combinations with round timed partner training utilizing focus pads & stationary bags. Beginner, Novice, intermediate & Advanced Separate evenings for Boys & Girls

Funding Sources: 

Fitness Kickboxing Canada

Strategies For Sustainability: 

About Us It is the goal of Fitness Kickboxing Canada to standardize Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA for Fitness training world wide for a safe and effective training program that will ensure authenticity in kickboxing technique and adherence to the principles of fitness training. Through Fitness Mixed Martial Arts training we can create a positive impact on our youth, in our communities and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Why Boxing? Burns 600 - 800 Calories Weight Loss & Muscle Gain Burn Fat Tone Muscle Flexibility Stress Reduction Build Self-Confidence Learn Self-Defense Techniques Add Variety to your Program Goal Oriented Fitness Training Recreational or Competitive Programs The class consists of a 45-60-minute workout with safety of the participants as the primary goal. Boxing gloves and wraps are required. No one will strike heavy bags without proper hand protection

Impact Of Program: 

What was once a one person business has grown to over 40 Course Conductors across Canada and now venturing into China and other countries around the world. To date, FKCI have trains over a thousand instructors annually across Canada and counting.

Evaluation Tools: 

Feedback from the instructors.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

Fitness Kickboxing Canada Incorporated (FKCI) commenced operations in 1999 in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada. In the beginning the program, combining authentic boxing and kickboxing with fitness was strictly a local enterprize, but in 2001 the business branched out into offering courses to teach fitness professional how to incorporate boxing and kickboxing into mainstream fitness classes and personal training session.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

Getting youth to train at a slower pace. They want to impress their friends and can hurt themselves.

Length and Stage of Project: 

This program began in 2001.

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