Kicksledding in the Annapolis Valley

Organization Sponsor: Club 400 The Order of Active Living

Organization Partner: Annapolis County Recreation Services


Program Description

Kicksleds will make you rediscover the pleasure of winter. Used by millions of Scandinavians for 100 years the kick sled can be best described as a winter bicycle and are a fun way to exercise and are available in many sizes for every age. It can only be used on hard, slippery surfaces like ice or hard packed snow. It is versatile, fast and safe it can be used a mode of transportation or for racing.
Club 400 has a Winter Active Team ,two skilled leaders will be travelling all over Annapolis County in a special van filled with equipment and excitement that will get people moving in the outdoors.They bring snowshoes, kicksled, geocaching, Dance Dance Revoution and Nordic Walking equipment for people to use
Kicksleds have many uses. Take the whole family for winter outings. Use the seat to carry young or old passengers or sit down and rest yourself! Strap on a car seat for the baby. Kicksleds are used extensively as a winter wheelchair for the disabled and as a walking aid for the infirm. Mushers and ice fishermen have found the Kicksled invaluable. Your imagination is the limit!

On snow or ice, the speed and simple operation will surprise you. You do not have to be an expert to enjoy kicksledding. So light and easy to use, the Kicksled weighs only 18 pounds and folds flat for easy storage and transportation. It requires no special maintenance or extra equipment such as bindings, boots etc.
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Program Approximate Cost: 

$300 a sled

Funding Sources: 

Club 400 and

Strategies For Sustainability: 

Funding a Winter Active team to visit communities and their special events and bring equipment for people to try is a great way to get individuals to explore new activities. This service is free to participants.

Impact Of Program: 

People are very excited about the kicksleds, just at the sight of them. Then when they get on it, they ask where they can get one. Some families have bought them.

Evaluation Tools: 

Feedback from participants.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

Providing this activity free with experienced teachers to demonstrate the skills required helps to promote this event. The sled is available in different sizes. It is also great for people with disabilities, parent with a young child and transport equipment.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

The kicksled works best on ice or a hard surface. Can be use to go down small slopes. The kicksled works best if it fits your body size. There are 4 different sized available with club 400.

Length and Stage of Project: 

The kicksleds have been in the community since 2007.

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