Kids Kayak

Organization Sponsor: Winkler Parks & Recreation Department


Program Description

We brought along 3 lifeguards from our pool to supervise the kids as they paddled in the lake. One of our lifeguards is a member of a nearby Kayaking club, so he led the kids in some drills. The kids really enjoyed "Follow the Leader" as they tried to match the instructor stroke for stroke. We had 6 (kid-sized) kayaks available to us. We limited registration to 12 kids so that everyone would get ample time to try their "new sport". While 6 were in the lake paddling, the other 6 played games on the beach. Being a weekday, the beach wasn't very busy, so there was lots of room to play games like "Cowpokes and Cactus", "Rock, Paper, Scissors Tag" and "Mexican Soccer".
Activity Duration: 1 - 4 p.m.
Equipment Required: 12 lifejackets, 6 kayaks, 6 paddles, first aid kit, cell phone, game supplies - cone, ball sandcastle supplies - pails, shovels
Space Requirements - Beachfront

For more information, please contact:

c/o 185 Main Street
Winkler, MN, Canada
R6W 1B4
Phone: 204-325-8333
Email: [email protected]

Key Elements Towards Success: 

This activity was great because none of the kids had ever tried out kayaking before!! It was definately a "Try Something New" activity!

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