Kids at Play: Gross And Fine Motor Control Development for Young Children

Organization Sponsor: Basketball Beginnings Youth Organization

Organization Partner: Converse Inc.


Program Description

Kids @Play caters to children from 3 to 6 years old. We focus on the development of fine and gross motor skills exploring through play. Kid’s @Play focuses on group play, which is more structured and based more on reality than fantasy. It helps in developing independence while still co-operating with partners. It enhances peer relationships, releases tensions, advances intellectual development, increases exploration and the chances of children speaking and interacting with other children.

Playing is the key to every child’s well being. Children learn about the world and experience life through play. Our program has introduced simple games and activities that parents and caregivers can continue at home. Our classes are designed to build gross and fine motor skills.

LOCOMOTOR Movements Specifically: Movements in which the body is propelled from one point to another.
Activities: Walking, running, leaping hoping, jumping galloping, sliding and skipping.

NON-LOCOMOTOR Movements Specifically: Stability movements in which the axis of the body revolves around a fixed point.
Activities: Bending, stretching, twisting, turning, lifting and falling.

MANIPULATIVE Movements Specifically: Movements in which force is imparted to or received from objects.
Activities: Throwing, catching, kicking, trapping, rolling, dribbling, striking and volleying.

SOME ACTIVITIES: Bean Bags Series, Bean Bag/ Frisbee, Frisbee Challenges, Tumbling Series, Ball Series, Mirroring Series, Hula Hoop Series, Skipping Series, Baseball Series

Funding Sources: 

Converse, Inc

Strategies For Sustainability: 

We keep our programs simple and effective by setting specific and achievable goals and then monitoring the progress of these goals. Year round, Basketball Beginnings runs a variety of programs throughout the city. You can find us in the school boards conducting skill and homework programs during and after school as well as in sports enrichment classes developing fine and gross motor skills for private organizations and daycare programs.
Most of our camps supply hot meals, snacks beverages, prizes, t-shirts and certificates. We partner with other youth organizations to offer evening community programs. We work with many charitable organizations
( e.g., Salvation Army and King Bay Kids) and are associated with Ontario Basketball.
Our program is supported by the provincial school boards and is one of the few accredited programs offering instructional sports training as an integrated part of the schools individual curriculum.
Our organization partners with York University Teachers Practicum program, whose students gain co-op hours tutoring children that attend BBYO after school homework programs which can be found in Toronto and Catholic schools in the GTA. We work within the child's curriculum and are in constant contact with schools' teachers and principal monitoring progress.

Impact Of Program: 

Every year Basketball Beginnings aims to come into contact with thousands of children throughout the GTA. Our unique programs can be found in the Toronto and Catholic District school boards during or after-school. Our popularity is growing as teachers and parents are becoming more aware of the lack of physical activity among our children.

Evaluation Tools: 

Evaluations are conducted each session.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

Our interests lie in facilitating engagements between the lesser-advantaged and the more fortunate youths in our communities; creating opportunities for a greater learning experience. Basketball Beginnings promotes a healthy and active lifestyle, along with overall wellness. We make it possible for all children to attend any of our programs regardless of their financial position.

Length and Stage of Project: 

Basketball Beginning Youth Organization began in 2003 and has expanded yearly.

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