KidSport Fun Zone

Organization Sponsor: Kid Sport Ontario

Organization Partner: KidSport™ Canada


Program Description

The KidSport Fun Zone is an interactive sport event, where kids of all
ages have the chance to test their skill at a wide variety of sports. The 17
communities involved with this particular CIAF grant were assisted with
raising funds to help local kids participate in local organized sport.

KidSport believes that sport should be accessible to all, and that no child
should be denied the benefits of participating in sport.

• KidSport helps disadvantaged youths overcome social and economic
barriers preventing or limiting their participation in organized sport, through
the issuance of registration fee and/or equipment grants.

Funding Sources: 

In 2005-06, the Ministry of Health Promotion provided a grant to KidSport through the Communities in Action Fund to help deliver the KidSport Fun Zone project.

Strategies For Sustainability: 

One of KidSport Ontario's main objectives is the establishment of grassroots chapters throughout the province. The KidSport Fun Zone
project enables local community leaders to take the KidSport model, and adapt it to meet their specific community needs.

Impact Of Program: 

The KidSport Fun Zone project in 2005-2006 operated in 17 communities across Ontario.
The target to implement an additional 20 Fun Zones in 2005-2006 was exceeded as 29 Fun Zones were implemented.
• 200-250 kids participated in each Fun Zone for a total of approximately
5800 – 7250 children and youth who were involved in the program.
KidSport™ Canada is advancing as a national organization with a bold vision to take an enhanced leadership role is defining, promoting and strengthening the KidSport™ brand and related fundraising initiatives across Canada.
More than $5 million was raised nationally in 2007.

Evaluation Tools: 

Annual reports from the 175 chapters.

Key Elements Towards Success: 

The KidSport Fun Zone project helps local communities raise funds to help reduce financial barriers to participation for low-income youth.

Key to success is the development of a national office to become a high-profile, influential hub that is a focal point for attracting and servicing multi-year partnerships with government, business and donors in support of the fundraising efforts of our over 175 local/provincial chapters from coast to coast.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

Every year, KidSport sees an increase in applications that matches the rising cost of sport

Length and Stage of Project: 

The KidSport Fun Zone project has been in operation since 2000 and continues to operate today.

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