Klubs For Kids

Organization Sponsor: Millbrook Health Center


Program Description

A variety of recreational and education sessions/activities are offered to participants of Millbrook First Nations children. Activities ranged from bowling, to gymnastics, scrapbooking, cooking classes, cultural activities, winter outings, MicMac language classes and sexual health education. Youth leadership development was also incorporated in the program delivery.

Funding Sources: 

Sport & Rec Division, NS OFfice of Health Promotion
Band Council

Strategies For Sustainability: 

Hiring of Youth Support Worker

Impact Of Program: 

115 children, most of community participated
improved nutrition and health

Evaluation Tools: 

In progress
Aboriginal sports circle

Key Elements Towards Success: 

One on one offering of opportunity to participate, Coordinator went right into classrooms and spoke with each child individually and as a group.
Newsletter went out to all homes.

Challenges To Meet Them: 

Transportation - Band Council provided bus
Parental support - working on strategy to have program for parents

Length and Stage of Project: 

3 years

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