3.04 Nurtures independent living for the disabled

Adaptive Recreation works within the Department of Parks and Recreation to provide recreational programs for the population of Fairbanks and North Pole who have a disability.  
Our programs change with the seasons, from biking and hiking in the summer to snow shoeing and x-c skiing in the winter with almost everything else in between.

On Saturday and Sunday the Club is open from 1:00-4:00pm. The programming is designed for family fun, children of all ages are welcome to interact with their family and develop new friendships with all children. Recreational swim sessions provide a great opportunity for the family to swim together promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

As a province-wide organization The Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres represents 28 friendship centres across Ontario. The OFIFC administers a number of programs which are delivered by local Friendship Centres in areas such as health, justice, family support, and employment and training. Friendship Centres also design and deliver local initiatives in areas such as education, economic development, children's and youth initiatives, and cultural awareness.

The S.M.I.L.E. program is an innovative academic-based, yet volunteer-driven, program which offers children and youth with varying disabilities a unique physical activity experience to improve their total development. This is done by enhancing vital physical skills and motor patterns.

YWCA Encore is a free 8-week program for women who have experienced breast cancer.
After breast cancer surgery and treatment, many women experience numbness, pins and needles, a loss of mobility and strength and discomfort in their upper bodies. Simple things like pegging the washing and carrying children can become difficult.

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador is continuing its commitment to improve the health and wellness of the people of the province.

For many people forced to use a wheelchair, life is confined to paved roads that is why Mike Poulton started the Regina Handcycle Club and an initiative called the Wascana Trails handcycling project. “(Regina) really needed some organized sporting events for persons of disabilities to not only come together for physical reasons, but also for social reasons,” Poulton said.

Summer program staff and volunteers visit many community Family Resource Centres, community recreation day programs and special events involving the entire family for hours of reading and playing games. All children in the community are invited to drop in and discover that reading is more than a school activity; books are donated on a daily basis.

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care announced the launch of Ontario’s first Osteoporosis Strategy. The goal of the strategy was to reduce fractures, morbidity, mortality and costs from osteoporosis through an integrated and comprehensive approach aimed at health promotion and disease management.

Clogging is a great aerobic activity both for the body and mind. No partner is needed. Some experience is needed. No special shoes needed. Come out and have fun! Anyone from 2 to 92 can do it. If you line dance you can clog. It is a mixture of step and tap dancing.Clogging is described as "total exercise," meeting the five criteria for a well-rounded exercise program,