7.06 Increases property value & tax revenue

Over the Garden Gate is an annual self-guided tour of private gardens in HRM. Each year, event enthusiasts receive a detailed guide which provides them directions to each of the gardens on the tour and a description of each garden. They make their own way throughout the afternoon visiting the gardens in any order they choose. The owner of each garden and a team of volunteers welcome visitors, answer questions, and shares experiences.

Youth and adults working together, they envision the creation of an inclusive park in the Annapolis Royal Area that is welcoming to people of all ages and diverse interests. The park has excellent skateboarding facilities, green space, shade trees, walking trail, and benches for spectators. Bringing about this concrete vision resulted in changes in perceptions of skateboarders from 'punk vandals' to contributing members of the community.

St. Paul MOVES! (Motivation, Opportunity, Variety, Enjoy, Success) is part of a larger project within the University of Alberta’s Centre for Health Promotion Studies called Community Health and the Built Environment (CHBE). The idea for St. Paul MOVES! emerged during a meeting with researchers and town representatives while attempting to determine the type of health intervention program that would be most beneficial to the Town of St. Paul, Alberta.

For many people forced to use a wheelchair, life is confined to paved roads that is why Mike Poulton started the Regina Handcycle Club and an initiative called the Wascana Trails handcycling project. “(Regina) really needed some organized sporting events for persons of disabilities to not only come together for physical reasons, but also for social reasons,” Poulton said.

A Natural Playground has been created in Bridgetown’s Jubilee Park. A natural playground is one that uses elements that you could find in nature – logs, boulders, hills, sand, stumps – put together to create a unique play area for children. The idea behind the Jubilee Park playground is that of a dry stream bed which winds around an island (the hill), through the trees, and empties into a large sand area.

The Park in the City Committee's mandate is to encourage civic pride, environmental responsibility and City wide beautification through community action. It is the vision of the Committee to achieve a clean and safe City that contains attractive gardens, streetscapes and gateways, and to encourage stewardship of natural resources, in terms of conservation, recycling and planning. Park in the City Programs & Events:

The Hollidge Tract in the York Regional Forest has an accessible trail which provides a unique nature experience to all users including those with disabilities. The tract is located in the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville on the east side of Highway 48, south of Vivian Road (municipal address 16389 Highway 48).

The Captain Spry Community Center has been offering summer camps for children the past 25 years. About 500 kids attend these camps. This HRM community center started training staff in HIGH FIVE during the first two years of the Nova Scotia pilot in 2002.

The Milton Seniors' Activity Centre is a gathering place designed to enhance the enjoyment of leisure activities. From trips and tours, to special events and activities, socializing abounds for Milton's active group of seniors!
This full-service facility provides 24,000 square feet of space, featuring:
* Large games room (with shuffleboard lanes)
* Billiards room
* Table tennis and darts
* Crafts room
* Multi-purpose activity rooms

Marydale Park is the Catholic Youth Organization’s (C.Y.O.) next and most exciting community service project. Marydale Park will be the province’s first completely barrier free, outdoor recreation centre – right here in Hamilton, Ontario. Marydale Park will be open to the general public for their use and enjoyment.

Marydale Park will be a place for everyone no matter your age, or ability…a place to explore, to feel included and just to have fun! Every child deserves to play!