8.01 Protects habitat & diversity

Wild About Vancouver (WAV) Outdoor Education Festival is a free public festival offering practical ways to get children (and adults) outdoors more regularly. It is open to the public and aims to unite and create long-term sustainable Outdoor and Experiential Learning (OEL) networks for organizations, schools, youth programs, and the broader citizenry (including youth and First Nations) of Vancouver.

With generous funding from the Ontario Government, ‘Opening Our Streets for Health’gives 8-80 Cities the opportunity to inspire and support the implementation of Open Streets programs in four Ontario municipalities-Kingston, Toronto, Thunder Bay, and Windsor.

Make a Place for People is a component of our Active Places, Healthy People project and is based on the idea that community participation is the key to the creation of vibrant and healthy public spaces. 

The Doable Neighbourhood Project (DNP) is a practical and participatory approach to creating healthier neighbourhoods in Ontario. The goal of the DNP is to improve mental and physical wellbeing by providing community leaders with new tools to assess their neighbourhoods, and by supporting the development of innovative pilot projects.

Bring the whole family for outdoor yoga! All levels are welcome to participate and no equipment is necessary (mats are optional). Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Naturally Active Victoria County is a call-to-action for community groups, organizations and leaders, business and government to address the health risks facing residents & visitors, associated with physical inactivity and unhealthy eating.

Inspire youngsters about wildlife, woods and trees with the Woodland Trust's nature detectives CLUB membership. It gets children outdoors exploring, enjoying the magic of every season with fresh ideas and things to do, at home and in the woods. Suitable for children of 5 to 13 years old.

1 year = over 350 activities spread over 52 weeks

BIXI Montreal is a great example of how to make  urban cycling a more practical and attractive transportation option. BIXI makes it convenient for commuters to cycle rather than drive, especially for frequent, short trips. It is a turn-key service that is inexpensive and replicable across many countries and cultures. In addition, by making cycling more chic and attractive.

Be sure to discover the hidden horticultural treasures of Burnaby's Eco-sculptures. These modern form of topiary are works of art created from nature, carrying with it environmental messages. Renewable – and quite remarkable – horticultural treasures are springing up throughout Burnaby during the spring and summer months. Consider the two eight-foot-tall tancho cranes nesting proudly on Burnaby Mountain. Or the three bears playing creekside next to Burnaby Mountain Golf Course.

Unstructured play in nature is proven to be beneficial to children of all ages. Turn off the TV and join us for interactive, seasonal play activities designed to connect you and your child with nature. Get comfortable playing outside! Explore nature using all of your senses. Build a fort, follow an animal track and see where it takes you? Scoop critters from the water, net insects on flowers and observe up close. Create creatures using mud natural materials and imagination.