8.02 Improves air quality

BIXI Montreal is a great example of how to make  urban cycling a more practical and attractive transportation option. BIXI makes it convenient for commuters to cycle rather than drive, especially for frequent, short trips. It is a turn-key service that is inexpensive and replicable across many countries and cultures. In addition, by making cycling more chic and attractive.

Be sure to discover the hidden horticultural treasures of Burnaby's Eco-sculptures. These modern form of topiary are works of art created from nature, carrying with it environmental messages. Renewable – and quite remarkable – horticultural treasures are springing up throughout Burnaby during the spring and summer months. Consider the two eight-foot-tall tancho cranes nesting proudly on Burnaby Mountain. Or the three bears playing creekside next to Burnaby Mountain Golf Course.

Unstructured play in nature is proven to be beneficial to children of all ages. Turn off the TV and join us for interactive, seasonal play activities designed to connect you and your child with nature. Get comfortable playing outside! Explore nature using all of your senses. Build a fort, follow an animal track and see where it takes you? Scoop critters from the water, net insects on flowers and observe up close. Create creatures using mud natural materials and imagination.

"6 years ago, the city gave us a piece of abandoned land in the middle of our community that was full of garbage and weeds. What used to be weeds is now full of herbs and vegetables, all organic, that we use for our dressings. People used to look at us like we are gang people and going nowhere.

Over the Garden Gate is an annual self-guided tour of private gardens in HRM. Each year, event enthusiasts receive a detailed guide which provides them directions to each of the gardens on the tour and a description of each garden. They make their own way throughout the afternoon visiting the gardens in any order they choose. The owner of each garden and a team of volunteers welcome visitors, answer questions, and shares experiences.

Youth and adults working together, they envision the creation of an inclusive park in the Annapolis Royal Area that is welcoming to people of all ages and diverse interests. The park has excellent skateboarding facilities, green space, shade trees, walking trail, and benches for spectators. Bringing about this concrete vision resulted in changes in perceptions of skateboarders from 'punk vandals' to contributing members of the community.

St. Paul MOVES! (Motivation, Opportunity, Variety, Enjoy, Success) is part of a larger project within the University of Alberta’s Centre for Health Promotion Studies called Community Health and the Built Environment (CHBE). The idea for St. Paul MOVES! emerged during a meeting with researchers and town representatives while attempting to determine the type of health intervention program that would be most beneficial to the Town of St. Paul, Alberta.

The Park in the City Committee's mandate is to encourage civic pride, environmental responsibility and City wide beautification through community action. It is the vision of the Committee to achieve a clean and safe City that contains attractive gardens, streetscapes and gateways, and to encourage stewardship of natural resources, in terms of conservation, recycling and planning. Park in the City Programs & Events:

The Hollidge Tract in the York Regional Forest has an accessible trail which provides a unique nature experience to all users including those with disabilities. The tract is located in the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville on the east side of Highway 48, south of Vivian Road (municipal address 16389 Highway 48).

Through the unique partnership between the Toronto Cyclists Union and CultureLink Settlement Services, cyclists are helping make Toronto more welcoming for newcomers, and newcomers are experiencing more of Toronto by bike. This summer and fall, we are offering a new award-winning partnership program called Bike Host Circle, to match volunteer mentors with newcomer “mentees” who cycle.